WTST 3 2004

Conference Material

Third Annual Workshop on the Teaching of Software Testing (WTST 3)
February 6 – 8, 2004
Melbourne, Florida

WTST 2 Link (2003)


  • Bach, James: An Exercise in Software Testing
  • Collard, Ross:
    • An Introduction to Software Test Case Design [pdf]
    • Performance Testing: Case Study Part 1 [pdf]
    • Performance Testing: Case Study Part 2 [pdf]
    • Exercise: Analyzing the Triangle Problem [pdf]
    • Appendix 1: Analyzing the Triangle Problem [pdf]
    • Exercise: Finding Patterns in the Measured Data [pdf]
    • Calculating Your Test Overheads [pdf]
    • Equivalence [pdf]
    • More About Equivalence [pdf]
  • Hagar, John: Training People to be Software Testers [pdf]
  • Jones, Ed: Evolving an Elective Software Testing Course: Lessons Learned [pdf] | [ppt]
  • Kaner, Cem: Carts Before Horses: Using Preparatory Exercises to Motivate Lecture Material [pdf]
  • Klappholz, David: Live-Thru Case Histories [pdf]
  • Ludi, Stephanie: Teaching Software Testing as a Problem-Based Learning Course [pdf]
  • Pettichord, Bret: WTST Presentation
      • Teaching Scripting to Testers [ppt]

    Authored Materials

      • Lab Instructions for Web Services Lab [pdf]
      • Lab 1: Getting Started with Timeclock [pdf]
      • Lab 1: Playing with the Timeclock Command Line [pdf]
      • Lab 2: Driving Web Applications Using IRB [pdf]
      • Lab 3: Writing Scripts [pdf]
      • Lab 6: Controlling Internet Explorer [pdf]
      • Using IRB to Drive Internet Explorer [pdf]
      • General Ruby Function Useful with Timeclock
      • Ruby Cheat Sheet [pdf]
      • Timeclock Command Line Cheat Sheet [pdf]
      • Timeclock Web Services Interface (Ruby Version) [pdf]
      • Internet Explorer OLE Methods Cheat Sheet [pdf]

    Referenced Materials

      • Bypassing the GUI (Marick) [pdf]
      • Programming in Ruby (Thomas; Hunt) [pdf]
      • IeController (Morris) [pdf]
  • Schroeder, Patrick J.: Involving Testing Students in Software Projects, Part II [html]

Confirmed Attendees

  • Braude, Eric
  • Condly, Steve
  • Fay, Sabrina
  • Fiedler, Rebecca
  • Johnson, Allen M.
  • Kopec, Richard
  • Linos, Panos
  • McGee, Pat
  • Perry, Dale
  • Wissink, Tom

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