WTST 2 2003

Second Annual Workshop on the Teaching of Software Testing (WTST 2)
February 7 – 9, 2003
Melbourne, Florida

  • Bach, James: How Testers Think [pdf] | [ppt]
  • Barbosa, Ellen Francine, et al: The Challenge of Teaching Software Testing Earlier into Design [pdf] | [ppt]
  • Edwards, Stephen H.: Automatically Assessing Assignments That Use Test-Driven Development [pdf]
  • Kaner, Cem: Assessment in the Software Testing Course [pdf] | [doc]
  • Pettichord, Bret: A Unified Theory of Software Testing [pdf] | [doc]
  • Pettichord, Bret: Four Schools of Software Testing [pdf] | [ppt]
  • Pollice, Gary: First Experience Teaching Software Testing [pdf] | [ppt]
  • Schroeder, Patrick J.: Involving Testing Students in Software Projects [pdf] | [ppt]

Picture from the conference